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Reiki Usi Method | Universal Energy Force

Trained under the Miako Usui method by master teacher Luz Duque. Reiki is a hands on healing modality  to help bring ease  to the inner workings of our body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a universal energy force that is intentionally directed to a certain person, so healing and restoration can occur. Reiki energy work helps soothe depression, anxiety, boost immunity, instill peace within the body, bring balance to the nervous system, relieve pain, ease discomfort and has many more benefits. This healing session includes sacred sound vibrations, energy work, color therapy and energy cleansing.


Auric + Energy + Environmental Cleanse

Taking care of your energetic field is important to your healing and overall health. When you partake in a smudging/cleansing you are clearing your vessel of anything that is no longer serving you, any energy that has been casted to you, evil eye, jealousy, anger. Whether it be an energy from someone you saw at the grocery store, negative comments from someone online, or emotional baggage from your own situations that has created blockages within the mind, body and spirit. It has been used for generations in indigenous ceremonies all over the world. There are different sacred smokes that can be used to help cleanse your auric field as well as the environment around you, such as your home, bedroom, workspace. Sound is also used to disperse that energy as well. If you are feeling heavy, sluggish, or not yourself, Auric cleansing is a ritual that could truly benefit your over all health. 

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