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Hello, I'm Brianna Borja. I am a certified sound healer through the School of Mindfulness based in south Florida. I am also trained in Reiki healing through the Miaki Usui method. I utilize Earth energy and the elements to assist in my work as an intuitive healing guide. 


I've been a self taught musician for almost 15 years and it has led me to this journey of self discovery. Finding my purpose through sharing the gift of vibration and aligning with your authenticity.  The work I do allows others to reconnect with their most authentic self and become their own healer.  I use my voice as well as an array of instruments to assist others in remembering the wisdom that lies within and the infinite love from source, the creator, the most high. I also create safe sacred experiences in south Florida for the community to explore and expand their awareness. Holding reflections for us to feel empowered, loved and supported.


My work is to help us reclaim our authenticity and thrive in our truth. Bringing harmony to our mind, body and spirit. Cultivating a strong rooted sense of self. So we are able to show up in our lives with more presence and intention. Sharing rituals, songs, and prayers that ground us in a state of gratitude and connection.

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