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Hello Sweet Soul

I have been a musician for 13+ years and a sound healer for 6 years. I have always connected to music and its way to help heal me through my personal experiences. When I was introduced to sound healing I had to know more so I studied sound healing from the School of Mindfulness and it changed my life. Catapulting me into my Dharma (life's purpose), using my musical gifts to be of service to others and nurture their healing journeys. I began to unlock so much ancestral wisdom through working with these sacred instruments. Working with the Deer Drum (shaman drum), channeling songs and messages, reconnecting with the power of prayer, and remembering the way of my ancestors. Utilizing this human life to really open my mind to all the possibilities the universe had for me. I felt so inspired and connected through my work with sound that I began sharing this gift by holding sacred sound baths for my friends and family. The love and passion I felt by being of service and the astonishing feedback,  affirmed to me that I was doing exactly what I was meant to be doing.


I am honored to share this medicine with you. To hold space for you to feel safe and embraced by love and healing. To hold space for you to integrate your lessons and pay reverence to your blessings. To shower you in blissful sounds that take you deeper into yourself. To remind you that when you connect with your most authentic self, so much is possible.


Through this work, I was led to being certified in Reiki and have been a practitioner for 4 years. Utilizing sound, the elements, and the earth as a pillar in my work. I believe what awakens our spirituality is connecting to the power of being human. Grounded and centered in who we are, connecting to the plants and the earth, to the animals and our ancestors unlocks deep remembrance for us to move through this experience called life, with trust, ease, and grace.


I am here for you.

To help, remind, and inspire you through my authentic ways of sharing this vibrational medicine.


The ultimate goal is to bring us all back into harmony and balance. You, me and the Earth. 

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