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What is Sound Healing?

How does it work and how does it affect your overall health?

Sound healing or sound therapy is based on scientific principles that all matter and the cells in our body, vibrate at a precise frequency when healthy and when in dis-ease.


Certain vibrations and tones are able to bring  balance to the brain, the body, to reduce anxiety levels, and tension within the body. Sound therapy can also be used simply to reduce stress and cultivate peace in our everyday lives.


A Sound bath is a healing modality that consists of using an array of different ancient instruments and vocal tones to guide guests through a deep meditative experience.


Gongs, crystals bowls, native American flutes, tank drum, guitar, Tibetan bowls, chimes, shamanic drum, vocal serenade and more. All intuitively channeled by the facilitator to help bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. Allowing the vibrations to wash over you and shower you in loving healing frequencies. The guided meditation relaxes the body so it can enter delta state of consciousness, which is where internal healing can occur. It is important to take the time for yourself to unplug, rest and reset. Once you've experienced a sound bath you will feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and re-centered. Allowing yourself to remember that you are worthy of peace. This modality helps us ground in the present moment and connect to our truest most authentic self. So we can show up in the world from a pure, strong, rooted, sense of self.


Sound Therapy Benefits

  • Reduces stress

  • Soothes Anxiety 

  • Instills peace within the body

  • Naturalizes nervous system

  • Harmonizes brain hemispheres

  • Deep relaxation

  • Lowers heart rate

  • Helps recover symptoms of chemotherapy

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Heighten intuition and perception

  • Increases vital energy flow, creativity, and motivation

  • Aids ADHD, improves concentration and productivity 

  • Connection to higher self

  • Affects all the cells in our body


Women Gatherings/ Moon Circles/ Birthday Parties/ Corporate Wellness Events/ Art Installations/ Cacao Ceremony/

Sensory Experiences

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