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Rhythms of Nature

There is so much to be reminded of when we connect to the living world around us. The animals, the plants, the bird songs, the waters.

Syncing with the rhythm of nature grounds us in our truest self. Returning us home to ourselves. and remembering that we are all connected.


~ Reflections in nature ~


Planting The Seed

It all starts with the mind. Craving for change. Coming to the realization of wanting to be the best version of yourself. 

Shift of perspective.


Looking Within

Everything you are searching for is within. Know all the power you possess. Awakening the inner strength. Diving deep to heal the soul.



Growing and Learning

The most growth and passion is developed during the journey.  Trust the things that don't make sense, it is all a part of the process.

 Manifest your visions. Write down your ideas. 

Cultivate with your community.



Seeing the world with brand new eyes. Soul is refreshed. Connected with your truth.



Preparing for Change

The more you open up to the universe, the more doors of possibility open. Absorbing the wisdom gained from the experiences that lead you to this moment. A time of reflection.



Lessons learned become high rewards. 

Sharing the gift of self-love and self-growth to create ripples on the planet. 

Creating waves of peace for others to ride along.


White Background






Earth Element

May the Earth continue to ground us + support us through our processes + phases

Allowing us to use our human experience to catapult our growth.


Fire Element

May the Fire bring forth transformation. Allowing us to release all that is not serving our highest good. Making room + welcoming all that is meant for us.


Wind Element

May the Wind give us confidence to speak our truths + blow away the remains of the ashes. Bringing forth our connection to the wisdom that’s within us. Inviting to listen deep to the whispers of our intuition.

Dark Ocean

Water Element

May the Water cleanse + clear the way for us to stand in our power. Allowing us to flow with complete trust. Reminding us that we are never stuck in one position. That we flow like the river stream, in and around the barriers that try to get in our way.

The Stars

Ether Element

May the Ether allow us to utilize these tools, to expand our minds, to expand our perspective + live a life of purpose + connection. Connection to ourselves, to the elements, + to the divine essence that is always guiding us.

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